in bed with a cold and a MacBook

The joys of a laptop. I’ve only had my MacBook since Christmas and it’s revolutionised the way I work. Before, I had to make a monumentous effort to get myself to the study to write. There were always loads of other compelling activities preventing me from making it to the swivel chair. Now, the swivel chair can be whatever I like. Today it’s a bed, as I’m full of snot. Yesterday it was the sofa, which it may well be again later. My output has gone up stratospherically. I can do emails while I eat breakfast, while I’m waiting for the tea to brew, while the soup’s heating up. And if the study seems cold and unwelcoming, the fire doesn’t, and neither does the egg chair. The barriers to opening a word document have fallen as dramatically as the Berlin Wall. Thank you Apple and thank you Rob, for buying it.