good morning BBC Radio Bristol

Up early, on my green bike and in the radio station by 7.30am. I was there to talk about being one of the writers of the Celebration show today at the Create Centre in Bristol. It will be a fantastic day. How do I know? Because Show of Strength put on a show of monologues called ‘Waiting’ 4 years ago and it was outstanding. This time the venue is different but the format remains the same, a map, 18 short acts to watch, but the order is up to you, as are the coffee breaks.

I’ve written two pieces, ‘It’s my party’, and ‘Jessie, Giggsy and Me’. Oscar (eldest son) has written one too, ‘The Bone’. It feels like the first step towards Oscar and I being chosen to appear in the Sunday Times magazine in the relative values article. (Are you there Sunday Times?)

We are an audience of ten as I’ve drafted in London Aunt, Bucks Mum, Newbury Sister and Nieces as well our our own family. The Alexanders out in force.