rainy day by the seaside

I’m looking at the view. It’s still beautiful but better in sunshine. We’ve been in all morning. I’ve been catching up on emails, twittering, and time-wasting generally. The three teenagers are all attached to things from iPads to MacBooks to iPods. And I can’t really complain as I’m on my MacBook. I’m trying to muster the enthusiasm to venture out in the weather. I think we’ll go to Saunton Sands, have a wet walk, and then a great big lunch in the cafe there. We have a rule that whatever the weather we have to go out at least once a day. It’s been in existence for so long that no one questions it. Another rule is that you have to have second breakfast before you go out, so despite the lack of time in the morning, every day the kids have cereal and then bagel / toast / pain au choc / brioche or banana. I love breakfast. It’s a pity I didn’t make more rules when they were small about trying new foods without saying yuck and making the obligatory face and not using their fingers to eat. Never mind. When we get back from our trip it’s board game time. Yesterday we played Star Wars Risk (2 hours) and the Republic won. Today it’s Monopoly. I do think board games are a great family activity. Even the 16-year old still turns up at the table for a game of Scrabble, Twaddle, even Headbandz! Oh well, off to get the raincoats.