North Devon vs Sidmouth

Funny where you end up on holiday. We cycled from Braunton to Fremington, but as the children are two years larger than the last time we did that particular route the time was drastically shortened and we arrived too early for lunch. So we had a snack instead, and cycled on to Instow. It was still early but everyone seemed hungry so we did a recce to decide where to eat. Much as there are plenty of nice places, eldest child was set on retracing our steps to follow a sign he’d seen by the side of the cycletrack. Off we went. The sign led nowhere. We even asked people loitering nearby. Nope. No beach cafe. Odd. What there was though, was an old thatched pub. We thought it looked fine and so ambled over, it now being lunch-time proper thanks to the fruitless searching. We ordered at a little hatch, behind which there were smiley ladies cutting sandwiches in a very WI manner. We wandered through to find a seat, and found instead a cricket match. It was not a pub. It was the North Devon Cricket Club, right by the sea. Fantastic. The sun was out, the sandwiches were delicious, and the cricket full of enough well-thwacked fours to entertain. (Good fielding by Sam, I thought.) We thanked the ladies preparing the cricket teas, and cycled home. Don’t know who won I’m afraid.