LA to San Francisco – part three – Hearst Castle

We were in Cambria to visit Hearst Castle but before doing so we encountered an almost unbeatable tourist attraction – the elephant seals. They were very entertaining in both the way they moved, the sounds they made and the spectacle of seeing so many draped over each other. They were huge, their noses like growths, and their idea of personal space non-existent. Evidently they came to Cambria in 1992 and have been back ever since. It was hard to drag ourselves away.



We bought two soft toys, the proceeds went to the Elephant Seal charity, which provided most informative guides to explain the sand flipping amongst other quirks of the species.

Leaving the seals we had our eyes peeled for the zebras that roam with the cattle on the Cambrian hills. They were originally brought over by William Hearst for his zoo, and remain in the wild, thriving it would seem by the herd we spotted.

Hearst Castle was amazing. Too amazing for me to describe. Even more fantastic was the vision and the extent to which Hearst was prepared to go to realise it.

Polar bears in the zoo, a deluxe cinema, beautiful living rooms and, for me the winner, the pool. I bought a book written by Heart’s mistress and lots of postcards, quite taken with the grandness of it all.