getting ready for 2011/2 school visits

Friday is my first school visit of the new school year. I’m going to Westbury Leigh in Wiltshire thanks to a contact I made on Twitter. How ‘2011’ is that? Usually all my paraphernalia is in a clump, but over the holidays it has wandered so I’ve been herding it back together. You see I take props. Lots. My favourites come to every school, and the others take turns depending on what mood I’m in. I am modelling my favourite here. Wigs are wonderful. They make the children laugh. And they make me laugh. They also change whoever wears them which can be quite interesting. I never make anyone wear one, there are always enough in the class desperate to have a turn. Another gem is my pair of night-vision goggles, borrowed from my son some years ago. I make sure the batteries are working, which is more than I ever did when he played with them. There’s usually a cuddly toy – I am the Generation Game generation. The monkey comes most, followed by the dog. Children always decide to make the monkey an evil character in our made-up story which is odd because he’s enormously cute. I’m not keen on the skull, but boys seem to like it so that gets put in my dustbin begrudgingly. I’m running two workshops on Friday so I’ll take a few extras to ensure both sessions are completely different. I’m looking forward to it. I laugh just as much as the children do. And afterwards I think a night out watching Colin Firth in Tinker, Tailor … might be in order.