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150 boys, a bin and me

I don’t often pick up my dustbin and shake it but I was captured doing just that at Lanesborough School. An all boy audience made for a lively day running three workshops with Years 3, 4 and 5. We had great fun and everyone was nice, teachers and pupils. I wouldn’t want anyone to think my stomach rules my reviews but I have to mention that lunch was delicious, a meat pie with a salty sauce, new potatoes and broccoli followed by a bunch of grapes. After that I took up residence in the library and signed books, always a pleasure. Ravi, the fan of the Tribe books who suggested I be invited, arrived and I was delighted to give him a free copy of Monkey Bars and Rubber Ducks, signed to my best publicist! I was in very good company. The day before they’d been entertained by Philip Reeve.