I quite like a made-up word or two. I especially like the way that when you’ve used the word a number of times it sounds entirely unmadeup.

Unmade could be a good word for my blog as it’s been a while . . . but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.

I’m now a monthly blogger on the which is fun, but comes round very quickly. I’m writing a new book that I’m meant to deliver by the end of January. I’m cycling twice a week on interesting towpaths and cycle tracks and country roads all over the place and enjoying the bacon sandwiches at the halfway point.

Favourites this autumn have been Slimbridge to Gloucester Docks, Bristol to Nailsea on the Festival Way with lunch in the Waitrose cafe and to Nailsworth, eating at the Hobbs House Bakery Cafe. Longest ride so far has been the NewForest cycletta – see, you say it enough and it sounds like it’s always meant women only bike rides. The pic is me at the finish. I wasn’t smiling a few miles earlier.

The writing/cycling loop has been interrupted several times by school visits to run workshops in Kent, Bristol and Devon. This weekend, unusually, I’m running an event with a brewer who makes alcoholic drinks from whatever he can forage as part of the Bristol Festival of Literature. I don’t know who had the idea of putting a children’s author with a booze manufacturer . . . maybe it was theotherandyhamilton. That could be a word.