the board game is alive and well chez nous

We play board games. We always have. From Snakes and Ladders as toddlers to Lord of the Rings Risk as we-think-we’re-adults. The current ages of my children range from 12 to 17 and half-term week we played Articulate, Scrabble and Cluedo. Playing Articulate made the most noise. The game is basically the same as Names in the Hat, Taboo and many others – you have to describe the word without using part or all of the given word, rhyming or giving away any of the letters. Our best ones were EMU – one of those people who hurt themselves. Clue: he meant EMO. TUNDRA – heavy thing. No more clues for that one. GOBI DESERT – a desert in . . . Oops, said the word! Immediately followed by TOWER OF LONDON – a tall thing in Lon . . . Oh dear. Another favourite game is Rapidough – essentially the sculpting part of Cranium Cadoo. You have to make the word out of dough and if you lose the opponents take a capful of your dough and vice versa. It gets very competitive when you only have a piece of dough the size of a pea left. I expect many parents think that in the age of iPad the days of the board game are over. Well if you never get the boxes out they probably are, but why not dust off the lids, find a dice and a timer and have a go. In the same way that eating together is meant to be good for families, Mrs Peacock in the Billiard Room, a packet of chocolate biscuits and some Ribena goes down very well with ours. In no particular order, like X Factor, our top five quick games: Rapidough, Twaddle, Hedbanz, Articulate, Ludo (yes, really). And our top five slow games: Scrabble, Risk, Monopoly, Cluedo, Masterpiece. Like all mums, there are a few games I can’t be persuaded to play. Top of that list would be Twister – see, I’m no fun really.