my 400 metre certificate from Henleaze Swimming club

Today was the Long Swim – the day us swimmers are allowed to venture beyond the buoy and see where the anglers hold court. I went with my friend, Jess, and as usual there was a hesitation before entering the water, headfirst in my case. Although we know it’s all right when you’re in, the idea of the freezing water is always most off-putting. It was two hundred metres to the far end, where lake gives way to lily-covered water through which swimming would be difficult. 172 swimmers got in, I believe, and the oldest was 86 and the youngest 9. Afterwards there was a reward in the shape of hot chocolate, a Kitkat and the certificate.

It’s beef and Yorkshires for tea, but before I scoff I’m off to the study to think about my school visit tomorrow to Henleaze School. They’re making a trailer for my new book, Monkey Bars and Rubber Ducks, so I need to fill them in on the plot. I’m looking forward to it.