the Tribe tea party

The new book, Monkey Bars and Rubber Ducks, needed a coming-out party so yesterday we baked 91 cakes and 40 truffles. The decorations were haphazard, but charming. I was particularly proud of my Mandela cakes, flaunting the colours of the African National Congress to mark Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday, also this week. For some of the others we used Bee’s recipe with marshmallow flowers on top. See The guests ranged in age from 2 (this coming Sunday) to 80-something. The highlight of the affair was the showing of Henleaze School’s Year 5 trailer made for the new book. The children played the characters, followed the early story line and left cliffhangers. Excellent. We had a questions session afterwards and then people left just as the rain started in earnest. Dinner at the Cambridge.