the launch party of Labradoodle on the Loose

We were at the lovely View Art Gallery in Bristol from seven o’clock, moving one particularly vulnerable sculpture and putting out all the drinks and Smarties. The first guests arrived fifteen minutes early, and then there was a steady trickle and then a flood. It’s hard to know when to interrupt the flow to start the ‘talk’ but fortunately Nick, gallery owner, shooed the audience into the chosen space and off I went. I hope everyone enjoyed my lively tale of half a dozen memorable authorly moments. I know the kids enjoyed the scream!

A special guest at the launch was Pearl, a reviewer from the Bristol Review of Books magazine. She reviewed the first two Tribe books and just managed to read Labradoodle on the Loose in time to give her verdict at the launch. Luckily it was positive. Pearl especially liked the part in the book where Fifty is accused of kidnapping his sister.

Thank you to all those who bought my new book, and especially those who started reading it while still at the gallery. And thank you also to those faces present at all the launches. Keep coming!