I can’t wait to see Labradoodle on the Loose in its splendid new jacket

My next book should arrive soon, two weeks tomorrow to be precise. I’m excited to see the new cover design in the flesh, as opposed to on my computer screen. Its a major departure for the Tribe books. They started out as illustrations of the five Tribers on a vivid background, with TRIBE in lovely typography. However, the general reaction to the covers was less than enthusiastic and so we have new titles, new covers and hopefully more sales. It’s all very good timing because the books will be ready for World Book Day and over the three days before and after that most important day I’m going in to four schools, so I’ll have four lots of children to try them out on. I hope they don’t all groan, ‘We liked the old ones’.

Another book is another excuse for a launch party so we’re going back to our favourite gallery, ‘view’. A book launch in the midst of an exhibition is a wonderfully combination. I so enjoyed watching my guests exploring the ‘Comfortably Strange’ exhibits while waiting for the event to kick off when we launched Goodbye Copper Pie. An absent friend this year will be my agent, Bruce Hunter, who has retired having started at David Higham as a tea boy. Luckily I have been adopted by one of his colleagues.

So all we need is to get rid of the lingering sore throat virus camping in our house and wait for the knock on the door signalling the delivery of a large box of books, and we’ll be set.