flying with the eagles . . . at Bristol Festival of Literature

Dick Dobbins, this crazy management trainer that I met on a course when Unilever were trying to mould me into something useful, said “If you want to fly with the eagles, Don’t scratch with the turkeys.” I didn’t take any notice because scratching and flying seemed equally attractive, but last night I had the pleasure of a company of eagles and flying amongst them was a high point.

First up was Sarwat, creator of a book I am going to have to read that mixes Indian mythology with paraphernalia from the Pitt Rivers Museum (go there – it’s in Oxford) and turns it all into an adventure.

Moira Young, Winner of the Costa 2011, shared the time, effort and craft that went into the novel Blood Red Road. I was pleased to hear she hadn’t just knocked it off while she drank coffee. Professional on every level.


The Golden Eagle in our midst was illustrator, Chris Fisher, with a portfolio that left his talent in no doubt. His rendition of Michael Rosen’s nonsense was excellent but didn’t get the laughs achieved by Hot Cross Bums.

I got home to find the Three Bears had eaten my tea. Never mind, eagles aren’t that fond of chilli con carne.