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happy Monday

I’m determined this is going to be a productive week and it’s started off almost too well. I emailed the contact Mum’s next door neighbour gave me and I finished the monologue for Show of Strength and sent it off. More importantly, I liked it. It took a few attempts to work out the shape, and it’s still too long, but the essence is there. I’m never lazy about editing so as soon as I get some feedback I’ll have another go at it. A few days break from a piece often allows a more critical eye to develop. There’s a tip there, never send something off until you’ve let it settle for a few days (or weeks) and reread. Am going to see ‘It’s Complicated’ tonight as a reward.

a busy week ahead, but no bread in Waitrose

It’s Sunday night. We demolished the roast with the help of the Herrods, the dishwasher is doing the cleaning and now it’s time to make bread for the morning. Waitrose, thanks to all those hoarders, ran out today so the bread machine is on duty. The forecast is for heavy snow Tuesday and Wednesday. It can snow as much as it likes as long as the kids can get to school, because I’ve got a lot to do. The children want it to snow so they don’t have to go to school. (They made me write that.) I have a plan: Monday – have another go at my monologue for Show of Strength, write to the educational publisher Mum’s neighbour put me on to; Tuesday and Wednesday – crack on with Tribe book 3; Thursday and Friday – if I’ve got a reasonable word count on Tribe 3, indulge the two other projects I’m keen to bulk up. I’ll report on Friday and you can see how I’ve got on.