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Mahler at the Colston Hall

As I’m narrating Babar the Elephant for the Bristol Concert Orchestra on 25th April I went along to their performance last night. It was most entertaining. And at times extremely loud, which I liked. Stefan Hofkes, the conductor I met for coffee some weeks ago, gave a marvellous introduction to the music. He’s very funny and had everyone on his side, waiting to spot the elements he outlined in the piece – Mahler Symphony No. 2 ‘Resurrection’.

I had several thoughts while I sat and listened. One was how strange an orchestra is. There were three hundred performers on stage, and many had odd-shaped instruments and sticks, and at any one time some were stationary and others were frantic. I decided if I was in the orchestra I’d be the cymbal.

I’m looking forward to my turn with the BCC – I’ve listened to the CD of Babar so I’ve got the idea, just need to make sure we move swiftly past the part where Babar’s mother dies.