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T. M. Alexander blogs about the variety and enjoyment of visiting schools and running workshops with children

three hundred kids

Arranged a school event at my old middle school in Bucks. All going well until the Literacy Head mentioned that there would be three hundred (yes, three hundred) children. I had to explain that I’m just starting out and three hundred is about one hundred and twenty too many. Luckily we settled on one year group which is more in line with what I’m planning. The plans are only in my head so far. Writing them down might make it all seem real and then I might start to panic about my new role as children’s entertainer.


Brenda, MD of Piccadilly, pointed out that a Labradoodle is an expensive dog which could be at odds with the character I’m giving the dog to. Quickly changed the plot so that the Labradoodle is offloaded by a family too disorganised to train the puppy properly. Thank you Brenda.


Got an email from Ed at Borders saying they’ve put the details of Tribe’s launch event on their website. It’s probably time I gave out some invitations. Rob’s designed them (husband / technical director) but an invisible forcefield seems to be preventing me from handing any out.

back to school

Beth Web has agreed to run a day course with tips for running a school visit. The timing is perfect, 11 days before my first one. Got the details from the Society of Authors, which is turning out to be a useful resource even though it sounds like a guild from years past.

a Kate Winslet

All corrected and sent back to Anne at Piccadilly. Only spotted two spelling errors, but quite a few punctuation dilemmas. Full stops are easy. But dashes, commas, speech marks and colons are open to artistic interpretation. Thankfully there are no semi-colons, which simplifies things a bit. Andrew at the post office handled my parcel with gravity and charged me accordingly. Must remember to invite him to my book launch. (Dedicated the book to the children after half an hour of agonising and not wanting to do a writer’s version of Kate Winslet’s Oscar acceptance speech.)


The proof copy of Tribe: Jonno Joins came today. It looks fabulous. Particularly the chapter headings, which are all in lower case. I wanted to go through it immediately to spot those irritating typos that manage to stay despite the number of eyes scanning the text, but I’d arranged to go and learn about dogs for the second book so it had to wait.
Ruth talked me through the first few days of puppy-owning. All good material, but made me think how mad anyone is to have a dog.