New covers and titles for the first two Tribe books.


TRIBE: Monkey Bars and Rubber Ducks

Tribe 4 166x259There are even more challenges for the Tribers to overcome in the fourth book. Why is Keener bunking off school? And will he be caught? Will the Tribers survive the outward bound trip? Or will Fifty be too small to keep up? Whatever happens they can’t let Callum’s team dominate the challenges.

buy nowPublished July 2011.

TRIBE: Labradoodle on the Loose

Tribe 3 166x259In the third Tribe book there’s never a dull day. There’s a kidnap, a lost dog and a rowdy party . . . or two. And an innocent person is caught red-handed while the guilty one stays silent, giving the Tribers a bit of a dilemma. After dealing with all that, the Tribers could probably do with a dull day.

Published April 2011.

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TRIBE: A Thousand Water Bombs

Tribe 2 Book Cover

The second book in the Tribe series is full of questions.

Will Copper Pie really desert Tribe? Will the summer fair be a success?Who’s getting a dog? (and who is Marco?)Who stole the precious medals? (and who’s going to put them back?) Three more stories about the five friends who are Tribe.

[First Published under the title of ‘Goodbye Copper Pie’]

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TRIBE: The Day The Ear Fell Off

Tribe 1 166x258The first book in the Tribe series. The five Tribers save a friend from being expelled, crush a scary gang and defy the school to rescue an innocent creature condemned to death. And the best thing is that they do it together.

[First published under the title of ‘Jonno Joins’]

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Winner of: Hull Children’s Book Award 2010

Shortlisted for: Heart of Hawick Children’s Book Award 2010

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A mix of well-known authors and bright new names, including T. M. Alexander, Ian Beck and Julia Green, inner citylook at inner city life with all its problems and challenges. A whole range of experiences are brought to life in this sparkling collection of new stories. It has a strong multi-cultural slant, as the issue of migrants is dealt with, but also features stories about crime, families in crisis as well as more uplifting, positive scenarios.

An anthology of short stories including Truant by T.M.Alexander

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