Noticed that I hadn’t done any writing – too busy with the launch preparations – so I sat down and went through the short story for Inner City, tidying and addressing the parts highlighted by the editor. As always, as soon as I start I love it and could write for hours. Makes you wonder why I find it so difficult to manoeuvre my body towards the study in the first place.


Need to write the blurb for Tribe 2 (or Tribe: Goodbye Copper Pie). Little tricky to write the back when you haven’t finished writing what goes in the middle! Had a go and sent it off to Anne.
Venue (Bristol’s ‘What’s On’) have agreed to run a page on me / Tribe in the edition that comes out the week before the Borders launch. (Thanks Mike.)


Finally got around to delivering some invitations. Grabbed a pile and set off en vélo on a tour of the areas round where I live. Stopped to chat several times as you do. Christine has offered to drum up a few people. (Thank you Christine.) Saw Ella and Georgia, her daughters, who have agreed to play the flute at the launch. (Thank you girls.)

three hundred kids

Arranged a school event at my old middle school in Bucks. All going well until the Literacy Head mentioned that there would be three hundred (yes, three hundred) children. I had to explain that I’m just starting out and three hundred is about one hundred and twenty too many. Luckily we settled on one year group which is more in line with what I’m planning. The plans are only in my head so far. Writing them down might make it all seem real and then I might start to panic about my new role as children’s entertainer.


Brenda, MD of Piccadilly, pointed out that a Labradoodle is an expensive dog which could be at odds with the character I’m giving the dog to. Quickly changed the plot so that the Labradoodle is offloaded by a family too disorganised to train the puppy properly. Thank you Brenda.


Got an email from Ed at Borders saying they’ve put the details of Tribe’s launch event on their website. It’s probably time I gave out some invitations. Rob’s designed them (husband / technical director) but an invisible forcefield seems to be preventing me from handing any out.

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