Waterstones and Borders

On the way to sign books at Waterstones Roman Gate in Exeter I heard the news on Radio 4 that Borders had gone into administration. Sad. I launched my first book in Borders on Queens Road in Bristol and it was a fabulous event with loads of guests and really great staff. I was assuming I’d launch every book there with Ed as my trusty partner, organising the stock and making nice displays for his ‘local’ author. In the same slot the financial problems in Dubai’s construction industry were reported. We stayed at the Atlantis on the Palm at half-term so it was hardly a surprise to learn that the compete empty buildings weren’t paying their way.

I met Luisa Plaja and Ellen Renner, both children’s authors, at the shop and had a jolly time chatting about stuff. Not many customers, but we offered some reading advice to be helpful so others authors benefited from our sales patter. Thank you Darren, for supporting us.

The event was organised as part of the CARS (children’s authors’ roadshow) initiative whereby authors get together to sell and sign in a variety of venues. We’re meeting up in the New Year to discuss our wildly different ideas about what we should do. I’m going, along as there’s cake.