the SAS, but not as you know it

I spent the weekend, well part of it, at the Scattered Authors’ Society conference in Coventry. It was my first time and I was relieved to find there were no flak jackets or nets to crawl under. There was instead a room full of childrens’ authors with plenty to say. Some highlights were: the commissioning editor from Meadowside because I was interested in her view of eBooks, Mary Hoffman’s talk because she has such a structured approach and because I think her book sounds fantastic, and Helena (am going to have to look up the spelling now) Pielichaty’s lively discussion on political correctness. The lowlights were being inside a room on a sunny day and my pet hate – hotel rooms with no opening windows.

I made up for the lack of fresh air when I got back by a walk round the Downs with my eldest son, with a wee stop for lemon drizzle cake. We talked about genetic mutations and adaptation. We used to talk about dinosaurs. I quite miss that.