about me

I was born in Canada, but grew up in middle England, brought up on village fetes, Victoria sponge and pond dipping.

I like short words better than long ones, celeriac more than cabbage, and ride a bike covered in bright green gaffer tape. I write in my study hidden behind a bookcase somewhere in north Bristol.

When I was younger my dream was to run the last leg of the 4 x 100 metres relay in the Olympics. I’d take the baton with team GB in last position and then defy belief by storming round the bend into the home straight at such a pace my opponents would seem to be in slow motion. The front runner, unaware of the drama unfolding behind her, would find her legs unable to respond to the challenge of me flying past and breaking the tape to win.

Despite being a keen reader and creator of a long-running saga about a kangaroo family (to amuse my three children on country walks), I never planned to write. I was a marketer, responsible at one time or other for luxury perfume brands, fish fingers, pizzas, mortgages, Adidas trainers and British sherry. I have also fried ring doughnuts on a Sunday market, been a nanny in Brittany and a barmaid in Bucks.

But one otherwise ordinary day a flyer in the local bookshop window caught my eye advertising a creative writing class starting in fifteen minutes, and on a whim I legged it to the library . . . and that changed everything. I’ve written short stories for theatre and radio, and a children’s series called Tribe.

The Tribe series follows the daily life of five friends (the Tribers): lunch, school, fights, threats, teachers, daydreams, dogs and families. I hope the stories show an empathy with the whole business of being a child, that the characters are believable and that the dialogue has the rhythm of the playground.

I wake up every morning delighted to be a writer with my name on the spine of a book or two.

I studied Psychology at Leeds University, Creative Writing at Bristol University, and now I study other people wherever possible.

Hacked my first teen book was published under the name of Tracy Alexander in November 2014.

try control-shift-r, cmd-shift-r or F5 to let you see the secret door again

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