I wonder what someone who stumbles upon my site wants to know. Who I am? What I do? Whether I prefer celeriac to spinach? I’ll just have to guess.

I’m T. M. Alexander, writer. I haven’t long been a published writer, or any sort of writer come to that. I’ve been lots of other things though, like Economic and Monetary Union project manager at LloydsTSB and marketer responsible for Calvin Klein perfumes. My reinvention as a writer came about by chance, and I love it! I am so happy both hiding away in my study creating lives for my characters and giving them exciting things to do, and being out and about talking to children in schools and libraries and at festivals. It’s a lovely life.

My children series, TRIBE, is published by Piccadilly Press.

Read my blog and find out what it’s like to be T. M. Alexander.

I am always busy with school visits, which I love. I don’t like talking at the children so I take along a box of props and we make up a story together. It’s fun. If you want to know more please email tm@tmalexander.com

Stuff like reviews, press articles, and a podcast of an interview on BBC Radio Bristol are all available on the scrapbook page.

If there’s something that should be on my site but isn’t, let me know tm@tmalexander.com

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